How to get
professional results

Zep Commercial® Shower, Bath & Tile Cleaner.

Specially formulated to break down soap scum dirt and limescale it leaves showers, ceramic tiles, sinks and chrome looking like new. Just spray it on and let the foaming action do the work.

Zep Commercial® 10 Minute Hair Clog Remover.

Formulated to quickly dissolve hair clogs, it is ideal for use in sinks, baths and shower drains.

Zep Commercial® Pro-Strength Drain Unblocker.

The professional strength formula pours through standing water to go straight to the source of the blockage. Fantastic general purpose drain unblocker.

Zep Commercial® Drain Care.

Over time, soap scum, grease and bacteria build up in your pipes creating slow drains and foul smells. Zep Commercial® Drain Care contains enzymes that eat away at this build up, keeping your pipes clean.

Zep Commercial® Instant Spot Remover.

The professional-strength foaming formula removes stains with little or no scrubbing on rugs, upholstery and more. The special anti-soiling agents keep surfaces cleaner for longer.

Zep Commercial® Streak-Free Glass Cleaner.

Quickly and easily removes smudges, fingerprints and assorted dirt and grime from mirrors and glass leaving a streak-free shine.

Zep Commercial® Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner.

Great for cleaning and restoring the shine to floors and cabinet doors. The formula removes spots, stains and scuffs. For best results use in conjunction with Zep Commercial® Hardwood & Laminate Floor Refinisher.

Zep Commercial® Hardwood & Laminate Floor Refinisher.

A durable top coat finish that revitalises worn wood and laminate floors. It helps to fill in scratches, revitalises shine and dries in 30 minutes. For best results use in conjunction with Zep Commercial® Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner.

Zep Commercial® CleanStone Plus™ Cleaner & Degreaser.

Tough messes need tough cleaners. Natural stone surfaces are sensitive and can be damaged by harsh cleaners. Zep Commercial® CleanStone Plus Cleaner & Degreaser is designed to cut through tough grease & grime while being gentle on stone.

Zep Commercial® All-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate.

The multi-purpose formula is great for everyday use on tough dirt, grease, grime and stains.

Zep Commercial® All in 1 Premium Pressure Wash Concentrate.

Specially formulated to effectively remove stains and discoloration caused by algae, mould and mildew. It’s a multi-surface cleaner specially formulated to clean patio furniture, decks, driveways, and siding without the corrosive effects of bleach.

Zep Commercial® Wood Deck & Fence Pressure Wash Concentrate.

Removes stains and discoloration caused by mould, mildew and algae. Although bleach may seem effective, it can break down wood fibres and corrode metal deck and fence fasteners while also damaging your pressure washer.

Zep Commercial® Driveway, Concrete & Masonry Cleaner Concentrate.

Cleans hard to remove dirt, oil and other stains restoring the original look of your driveway and concrete surface. For best results use in conjunction with Zep Commercial® Driveway, Concrete & Masonry Sealer.

Zep Commercial® Carpet Care

Zep Commercial® professional grade carpet care products are perfect for maintaining your carpets. These products are designed for professionals and perfect for the homeowner seeking high quality results. The wide selection spans from carpet shampoos to spot cleaning.

Zep Commercial® Grout Cleaner & Whitener.

Specially formulated to remove even the toughest stains from grout. It removes rust stains from grout with little or no scrubbing.